The "Jean Sibelius" Rapallo Orchestra


The "Jean Sibelius" Rapallo Orchestra, established in 2010 on the initiative of the social promotion association of the same name, is entirely made up of young and qualified musicians from Liguria. The ensemble is named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who stayed in Rapallo in 1901 and composed his second symphony there. Throughout its history, the orchestra has performed not only in the Rapallo area, but also in various locations in Liguria and the province of Piacenza, Venice Lido, and Turin. 

Since 2016 it has organized its own concert season in Rapallo, which consists of four events; at the Teatro Auditorium delle Clarisse both the two autumn concerts and the New Year's Concert are held, and at the close of the season the Basilica of SS. Gervasio e Protasio hosts the Easter Concert. In December 2018, it was invited to Pino Torinese (TO) and performed Mozart's Requiem in Genoa in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge. The Music Director is Filippo Torre, founding member and Artistic Director of the "Jean Sibelius" Association - ETS in Rapallo (GE).

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